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ProSport Dedicated

At ProSport, we realize that the amount of professionalism we have will directly reflect on your business. That being said, we like to make sure that our repeat clients get all the great customer care they should expect from a company like ours. Where many people go wrong is not taking the time to really examine the type of shipping company they are hiring. We are glad to say that we have a combined 19 years of experience on average, and that your cargo is always in reliable, trustworthy hands.



We go over all of the terms with you from the very beginning to eliminate surprises later on. We make delivery times a top priority every day. We also want to provide a service that is within your budget, and go over all of the pricing details up front. We do our best to make these initial transactions as streamlined as possible, so that we can proceed to the ultimate task of getting your cargo on the road and on its way to its destination in a timely manner. Our extensive, collective knowledge and love of the freight shipping industry as a whole make us the premiere choice in your nationwide shipping needs.



Our drivers and staff are motivated, dedicated, and simply love the job they do. The sense of pride we feel by being a part of making your business move forward by providing our reliable, affordable freight shipping service is what drives us and we look forward to helping you just as we have thousands of others in the past. We always make sure we are transporting your precious cargo at the proper volume handling capacity, and do it with a smile every day.

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We build relationships with strategic customers and
help with their supply chain. Working directly with
our customers and carriers we show flexibility, value,
cost savings, better utilization and will always work
towards the common welfare for all involved