ProSport carries on the tradition of excellent refrigerated trucking in the USA. Before refrigerated (A.K.A. reefer) trucks came along, it was hard to transport certain perishable items for long distances. If it wasn’t for these temperature-controlled transportation options, your customers would be limited to, say, only eating in-season fruits that are close to their homes!



The frozen food industry (and many others) as a whole could not survive without refrigerated trucking, and neither could many other companies and organizations. Over 30 million loads of products are shipped nationwide by refrigerated trucks every year, and that number doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon.



Companies like ProSport who offer refrigerated shipping options are sometimes referred to as being “cold chains”. In most ordinary shipping situations, goods are picked up at the manufacturer at the temperature that they are supposed to be, and delivered by our experienced drivers in a timely fashion to the appropriate destination. When thinking of refrigerated semis, many may automatically envision them at restaurants, cafeterias, and grocery stores, for delivering items like dairy products and meats. But, there are so many other important items that are transported by these trucks that promote the overall health of our society. For example, donated blood needs to arrive at medical centers across the country every day. Our dedicated drivers at ProSport make these vital deliveries happen while displaying outstanding customer service. Our refrigerated service offers multiple temperature-controlled solutions, including truckload, intermodal, and refrigerated LTL.




We build relationships with strategic customers and
help with their supply chain. Working directly with
our customers and carriers we show flexibility, value,
cost savings, better utilization and will always work
towards the common welfare for all involved