Nowadays it is more important than ever to business owners and consumers that cargo is shipped safely and on time. When freight is expedited in the correct fashion there is not a lot of wasted time and/or stops between Point A and Point B. The routes that our seasoned drivers take are researched to be the most efficient in getting your cargo to its destination as promptly as possible. The cargo is as important to us as it is to your business, and we like to streamline the shipping process. When cargo is needed at a specific location within a certain timeframe, we make it our business to do just that. Our expedited services can be utilized by businesses as well as individual entities. Some of the more common ones are medical facilities who need emergency supplies in a timely fashion, or a factory that may need to immediately restock their inventory.


We at ProSport realize how important it is to keep to your schedule, so we make time a top priority. We want you to have the peace of mind in knowing that everything you want shipped will be there when you need it to be, with the ability to easily track your shipment with GPS.




We build relationships with strategic customers and
help with their supply chain. Working directly with
our customers and carriers we show flexibility, value,
cost savings, better utilization and will always work
towards the common welfare for all involved


What is expedited freight?

The basic goal of expedited freight shipping is to cut out all wasted time and get the goods where they need to go on a time-sensitive delivery basis. There are multiple methods used to accomplish this. For one, trucks shipping expedited freight rarely stop along the way. The precious cargo being delivered is the keystone of the route. Expedited freight services streamline the shipping process to get goods delivered in the timeliest manner possible.

Who uses expedited freight services?

Anyone who needs a package delivered by a certain time can employ the use of expedited freight. Shipments can be both large and small, from a few letters to a few pallets to a full truckload. Some common users of expedited freight are: Medical facilities in need of emergency supplies; Factories in need of timely inventory replenishment or to meet a manufacturing schedule; and Operators of oil drilling or mining facilities who need vital parts to keep their operation going when important machinery breaks down. These are prime examples, but anyone can use expedited freight services when they have a shipment needing extremely urgent delivery.

How do logistics plan into expedited freight?

As anyone who ships goods knows, logistics play a key role in an efficient, effective shipping process. With expedited freight services, the person shipping the goods can track their shipment at any time. This gives the shipper peace of mind by knowing his urgent shipment is “on track”. In addition, a good expedited freight company will assist in the logistics of shipping from start to finish, helping the shipper develop a headache-free plan to get his goods where they need to go.

What distances does expedited freight shipping cover?

There is no limit on the distance that an expedited shipment can cover. Whether the shipper needs goods shipped across town or across the country, an expedited freight company can plan and execute that delivery in a timely manner. This is another area in which logistics come into play. When coordinating a long-distance delivery, there are many factors involved which a reputable expedited freight company will effectively manage and streamline.

Are expedited freight services just for big businesses?

No. Any business or individual can use expedited freight services to get their goods where they need to go. An experienced expedited freight company will work to deliver loads of any size, coordinating all of the necessary elements of an urgent shipment.